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A365 Migration

The Army is transitioning its email service from Defense Enterprise Email (DEE), provided by the Defense Information Systems Agency, to Army 365, provided by Microsoft. Army 365 (A365) will enhance capabilities by adding access to the Office 365 family of products, in addition to email. West Point Research and Education Network (WREN) users already have access to these products through their accounts, but they will still need to use A365-licensed products to collaborate with Army users outside of USMA and, for those who will PCS from West Point in the future, for future assignments. While assigned to USMA, users should only use the web-based applications (not the desktop applications) when using A365-licensed products. The instructions below describe the steps users must perform to begin using their A365-licensed products and to transition their email service from DEE to A365. These steps must be completed by 11 February, 2022.

When using A365, we recommend that you use “private”/”incognito” mode or create a dedicated A365 user profile in your browser (Edge/Chrome) in order to prevent WREN and A365 credential conflicts.


Definition of Terms:

  • EXO (Exchange Online): This is the new Army 365 email account
  • DEE (Defense Enterprise Email): This is the old email account
  • Provisioned: This means your account is now activated in DISA DEPO by an Entitlement Manager (Migrated or Not)
  • Migrated: This means your DEE has been moved to your EXO and you no longer have access to DEE.

What you need to know and what you need to do.

  1. The first thing you must do is ensure your Duty location is correct in MilConnect/ID Card Office Online. Directions on how to do this can be found here. If your duty location is incorrect this can directly affect your A365 license.
  2. Next, we need to determine the state of your account. Navigate to Your account is the same as your old DEE except it now ends in At the screen below enter your full email address                   
    1. Then, click “Sign in with CAC/PIV” and use your authentication (not email) certificate.
    2. If you cannot log in to DOD Teams you are not yet licensed for A365 (see Scenario 2 below)
    3. If you successfully log in and see a web Teams environment like our West Point Teams with an Army Hub app at the top, then you are licensed for A365. This DOES NOT mean you are provisioned.
    4. To determine if you are provisioned and your mailbox is migrated from DEE to EXO, click on the waffle in the upper left-hand corner.                                              This web-based email is also accessible here:
    5. If you see an exchange mailbox this means you have been migrated. You may or may not already have email in your inbox.                          
    6. If you receive the following 500 error, then you have not yet been migrated but you do have a A365 license if you were able to log into the DOD Teams site.                            Use the link below to request the assisted migration:

      Note: If the Step above does not help you determine your migration status, proceed to Step 3.

  3. The last step in determining your migration state is to see if you still have access to your DEE. Navigate to and use your CAC and Authentication cert to log in. You will see the following consent banner and then be redirected and then you may or may not be taken to a web Outlook page. 
    1. If you see the Outlook Web App then you still have access to DEE, if you do not then your DEE has already been deleted. 

      Scenario 1: You have access to EXO and you no longer have access to DEE you have been migrated.

      Steps to take: Set up auto forwarding of your to your email. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.


      Scenario 2: You have not been provisioned (you received the 500 error) and you also cannot access the DOD Teams app. This means you are not licensed for A365.

      Steps to take:

      1. Ensure you have updated your ID Card Online profile.

      2. Submit a ticket to ESB to have an A365 license assigned to you

      Please enter the verbiage below for your ticket subject and description.

      Once you have received confirmation that you now have a license, you can proceed to

      Scenario 3.


      Scenario 3: You have access to DEE and confirmed you have a A365 license but have not yet been migrated (500 error).

      Steps to take: Request an assisted migration, the Army will move your mail from DEE to EXO for you and set up the redirect from to

      1. Submit an assisted migration request via the Army hub on DOD Teams

      Requests need to be submitted by 1700 EST on Monday and will be processed 0730 EST – 1200 EST on Thursdays

    2. If you would prefer and have trouble performing the above option, you can call the Army Enterprise Service Desk direct at 1-866-335-2769.


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