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Army 365

Army 365 is managed by the Army Enterprise Service Desk (AESD). For assistance with your A365 account or to verify your account is active you may reach AESD @ 1-866-335-2769.

Army 365 is accessed via the web  with a Common Access Card (ID Cert) and designated secondary authentication (PIN via text, phone call, or confirmation on Authenticator application).

Your new logon will be similar to your defense enterprise email (DEE) logon: you have a number after your name, use the number again.

Please note that your Army 365 Teams account is already activated (not like CVR, where you were required to complete an activation process); you can simply log in and start using the service.

As an Army 365 Tenant member you can cross collaborate or participate in meetings with UC IL5 Tenant and other IL5 Tenant users but NOT with CVR. Once your Army 365 account is enabled, those of you actively using UC IL5 will no longer have access.


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