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ATCTS Compliance Requirements for WREN Administrators

WREN administrators have additional requirements for ATCTS compliance. WREN administrators are users, designated by a commander (e.g., Department Head and equivalent) to perform Information Technology and Cybersecurity activities for the organization (e.g., operate and protect servers and/or services, provide IT support for the organization, run organizational web sites).  Commanders designate WREN administrators by signing an appointment letter outlining the duties expected to be performed.

To be compliant in ATCTS as a WREN administrator, the following conditions need to be met.

  1. All general user conditions completed – ATCTS Compliance Requirements
    1. Registered in ATCTS
    2. DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge must be current
    3. Signed DoD AUP
    4. DD2875 uploaded to your profile
  2. Appropriate DoD Cyberspace Workforce Framework (DCWF) Work Role and Profile Assignment
    1. DoD Cyberspace Workforce Framework Work Role – this CANNOT be “General User”. Choose a work role that aligns with your normal tasks.
    2. Profile Assignment – this CANNOT be “General User” – the choice should match your Appointment Letter
  3. DoD 8570.01 Baseline Certification Uploaded
  4. Privileged Access Agreement (DD7789) Uploaded
  5. Appropriate Appointment Letter Uploaded
  6. Army Minimum Required Training Completed

Adjust DCWF Work Role and Profile Assignment

To adjust your ATCTS DCWF Work Role, perform the following:

  1. Users will need their account unverified by the ATCTS manager first before you can reassess your profile.
  2. Once it is unverified then the user can start the reassessment process. This option can be found under the Actions drop-down menu for the user’s Personnel Info.
  3. Complete and answer with the information that best describes your access to the IS for your primary duty position.
  4. Choose the DCWF Category that best matches your Cyber Workforce position. Choose the answer that best describes your position or title. This refers to the categories that we currently have under DoD 8570.01-M. You can only select one item.
  5. Choose the Specialty Area that best matches your Cyber Workforce position
    1. The specialty area will expand at the bottom with the work roles. Choose at least one by clicking on the “Add Role” link. Click the “More Info” link to show all the KSAs and Tasks associated with the work role, in a separate window or tab. You only have to close it to get rid of it. You can review the Tasks and KSAs before selecting the work role. You can select up to three work roles per position/duty, depending on the work role you are performing.
  6. Choose the DCWF Work Roles(s) for your Cyber Workforce position
  7. Select each additional role for your primary duty by selecting another Category or a different one depending on the work role you are performing.
  8. Once you have added all the necessary roles, scroll back up to the top. At the top, you will see all your roles listed. You can drag and drop the roles into to appropriate order.
  9. Once complete, click the blue “Save” button.


Uploading Additional Training and Certifications

  1. Based on your profile, the system will list the required/recommended certification(s) you must obtain. Regarding a Cybersecurity Technical position, you are only required to obtain one of the certifications as listed in your profile.
  2. Additional training and certifications will be added under each individual section. These sections include:
    1. DoD 8570.01 Baseline Certifications
    2. Army Minimum Required Training
    3. Other/Specialized Training
    4. Computing Environment
  3. To add these certifications, click the Actions button at the right of each section heading. From the dropdown menu, click Add Certification.
  4. You will then be directed to a page where you can select your certification and enter the date obtained and the certification number.


Upload Appropriate Appointment Letter

  1. Complete the appropriate appointment form (use the links below) and have it signed by the Department Head (or equivalent with command authority) or by a command designated individual:
    1. If the organization’s commander has designated another person to sign appointment orders and a copy of those orders have not already been sent to, please do so (and retain a copy).
    2. IAT form (common for DCOs) -or- IAM form (less common)
    3. NOTE: The template specifies a “DCO Standard Account” – if you have additional duties beyond this, or completely separate duties, please specify those in the form’s “Additional Details for Functions” block on page two (and check appropriate functions as applicable).
    4. For the Sub-organization field, insert the English description of the Office Symbol (e.g., MAD-EC translates into USMA/Dean/EECS). This should align with the ‘Signal’ Unit in ATCTS for the user profile (recall that ‘Signal Unit’ is the unit to which you are assigned, and HQ is the unit one level higher in your unit’s command hierarchy).
  2. Upload the appointment letter into ATCTS. Verify the “Profile Assignment” matches the appointment letter.


Upload Privileged Access Agreement (DD7789)

  1. Submit a Privileged Access Agreement to Cyber via the PAA form.
    1. The WREN PAA template downloaded from the form above.
    2. Before Cyber can sign the PAA, ensure the following is complete:
      1. Cyber Awareness Training is complete (within one year)
      2. ATCTS Registration complete, including the DOD Cyberspace Workforce Framework Work Role and Profile Assignment (not General User)
      3. Appropriate Cybersecurity Appointment Letter uploaded


Army Minimum Required Training

  1. If the user has uploaded their 8570.01 baseline certification to ATCTS, then all minimum required training will be waived, except for Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSF). CSF is required every 3 years.
  2. CSF can be taken at
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