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Azure Dev Tools (Visio, Access, and Project)

How To Access Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Including Visio Pro, Access, and Project

According to Microsoft, “Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (previously known as Microsoft Imagine Standard and Premium) is a subscription-based offering for accredited schools and departments providing access to tools commonly used in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs. It provides professional developer and designer tools, software, and services from Microsoft to your faculty and students. It includes our latest technologies and cloud services to inspire and excite students. And, it provides educators a diverse set of resources to ensure their classrooms challenge, engage, and motivate students in new ways.”
Dev Tools for Teaching is a new offering that is continuing to grow. The information provided in this how-to is only current as of August 2019. Through Dev Tools for Teaching, USMA Staff, Faculty, and Students have the ability to download software such as Microsoft Visio Pro, Microsoft Project Professional, and Microsoft Access. If you do not have the ability to install software on your machine, these software packages are available in Software Center, and you’ll only need to use Dev Tools for Teaching to get license keys.

In order to get access to the services and software offered through Dev Tools for Teaching, use the following steps:

1. Browse to

2. Click “All services”, search for Education, and hover over Education:

3. Hover over “View” and select “Azure for Students” OR go to

4. A new tab will open at which you can active your “Azure for Students” account. Click “Activate Now”.


5. Follow the prompts to enter your personal information and agree to the terms of service. After you click “Sign up”, it will take a few minutes for your account to be created.

6. Once your account has been created, you will be returned to with new software available.

7. From here, you can search for specific tools such as Visio, Project, or Access.

8. Once you find what you are looking for, click on it and find the Product Key in the right panel. At the bottom of the panel is the button to download install media. If you do not have local administrator rights to install software on your machine, find the software that you are looking for in Software Center and use the key that you retrieved here.


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