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CAC Issues

User CAC is Locked, Lost or Un-usable

  1. The CIO/G6 does not support the Common Access Card (CAC) beyond working on the CAC reader hardware included in the issued computers.
  2. If a user faces an issue with their CAC they should contact according to their user group.
    1. Cadets -> can refer to the USCC S-1 during normal business hours.
    2. Staff & Faculty -> can refer to the ID Card office, located at Buffalo Soldier Field. (For instructions scheduling an appointment see below)
    3. Cadet Candidates at the Prep School -> can refer to their TAC Officer.
  3. If Cadets need immediate help to log into their computers they need to go to Goldcoats to get a temporary password on their computer, but that will not fix their CAC issue.


How to schedule and appointment with the ID Card Office

  1. Go to
  2. Under Enter Location, input 622 Swift Road West Point, NY, United States
  3. Specify a date range and click Search
  4. Select the USMA West Point Office                                                                                 
  5. Click on Schedule Appointment                                                                                 
  6. Select an available appointment and click Book This Appointment                 
  7. Fill out your information on the following window and click Save to book the appointment 
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