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Desktop account for Citrix

These accounts are requested through ALTESS not Ft Drum. Due to our limited number of Desktop accounts these requests are processed through ITSB to ensure a desktop account is required. 

Some West Point personnel and positions interact heavily with DoD NIPR resources and need a more robust CITRIX Desktop. To inquire about a CITRIX Desktop account please send an email to with your IT requirements.


Only proceed with the request for a desktop account if you have already validated this with ITSB. If it is determined the CITRIX browser is not sufficient: 

  1.  Process your 2875 as per instructions in, How to request a NIPR account for CTIRIX access.
  2. Once you get your 2875 back from Installation security you can upload upload it to ATCTS.
  3. Forward the completed 2875, ALTESS AUP and SAAR Addendum forms to 
Mail this page!

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