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CITRIX Workspace Application Installation/Configuration

To install CITRIX:

  1. Click “Download for Windows”
  2. Click “Download Citrix Workspace app for Windows”
  3. Click “Run” when asked what you would like to do with the program.
  4. Click “Yes” when asked “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?”
  • When presented to install Citrix Workspace, click Start, Check “I accept the license agreement”, Click Install.


  • Ensure your CAC is inserted. Click Add Account > Enter > Click Add

  • Select ID Cert, Click OK > Type in CAC Pin > Click Sign In > Click Browser you wish to use > Click OK

  • After login, multiple browsers are available. Click on one and proceed with the session logon procedure.

  • A server logon prompt opens after application launch. Wait for the “Sign in Options” text to appear.

  • Click on “Sign in Options” and select the proper certificate for logon. Clicking on each Smart Card tile shows details about the certificate.

  • After successful authentication, your application (browser) should show within 30-60 seconds.
  • Once your application appears, your session has established. At this time, you may return to the ALTESS web page and launch another browser without going through the logon process. Your session ends once the last browser application closes.
  • Favorites are managed within Chrome and Internet Explorer. See these examples:
    • Internet Explorer:
      • Chrome:
  • Favorites are not available within Firefox due to technical limitations.
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