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Connect to a WREN Printer

These instructions will allow you to add a WREN printer ( to your computer.

1. Before you begin you MUST be connected to the WREN wireless or wired network already.

2. Type the print server name \\\ in the search box next to your Start button then hit the ENTER key

3. A credential box will open to connect to the print server. DO NOT enter your CAC Pin as prompted. Select More Choices and then Use a different account. Then ENTER your email address and password and SELECT the box to “Remember my credentials” and click OK.

4. A list of available printers will show up. You may need to select the DETAILS view in the ribbon bar to allow you to view the COMMENTS column to identify the printer location

5. To install a printer RIGHT click it then choose CONNECT. Once installed you can close this window.

6. To print a test page after the printer is installed, start typing “printers” in the search box next to your Start button then click on PRINTERS & SCANNERS when it pops up in the results

7. You should see the printer you just installed along with the list of printers you have previously installed on your computer. The WREN printer name will start with WP. Select it, then choose MANAGE, then select PRINT A TEST PAGE from the list under MANAGE YOUR DEVICE

8. *If you change your password after you install a WREN printer you can update it in the Credential Manager. Start typing CREDENTIAL in the search box next to your Start button then click on CREDENTIAL MANAGER when it pops up in the results.

9. Select the WINDOWS CREDENTIALS box.

10. Under the Windows Credentials section, expand the section next to the print server entry by clicking on the down arrow on the right side of the list.

11. Click EDIT and enter your updated password then click SAVE.


If you are having issues connecting and have already tried changing your password


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