GFEBS – Unable to Create, Upload or View Attachments

Updated GFEBS URL:

Internet Explorer is the recommended web browser.


If you are experiencing issues with uploading or viewing attachments due to the “Services for Object Button” disappearing within GFEBS,


The recommended zoom level is 100% for GFEBS.

Any level above 100% can cause problems viewing the entirety of the site’s contents.

You can change the Zoom level by clicking the ctrl + 0 buttons when in the browser, or follow the steps below:


  1. To change or check if zoom level is set to 100%, click on the “Tools” icon below to select the “Zoom” sizing options.

  1. Once zoom size has been selected. The “Services for Object Button” in the drop-down menu should stay highlighted on the screen.


  1. You can then create, upload and view attachments.




For Additional Help or to Create a GFEBS Service Ticket

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Via Web:

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