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How to access Army 365 on West Point systems

1. Connecting to A365

It is recommended that you either create a separate browser profile or use a/an “InPrivate” (Edge), “incognito” (Chrome), or “private” (Firefox) window when using the A365 apps. This will prevent issues with your browser trying to use any cached WREN account information with A365. We also do not recommend using any MS 365 desktop apps to try to access A365 resources for similar reasons.

Use a web browser to access the A365 web apps by navigating to

Enter your email address (it should be the same as your address with “” replaced by “”) and click Next.

Then, click “Sign in with CAC/PIV” and use your authentication (not email) certificate.

2. Using A365 Web Apps

You will see a Teams web interface that works like the Teams web interface you may already be familiar with; however, you will notice a pinned “Army Hub” tab. You will use the Army Hub tab to perform any necessary email migration steps (discussed in the next section and its associated KB articles).

To access the A365 Office web applications, click on the “waffle” icon in the upper-left corner:


3. Determining Your Migration Status or Performing Migration

Your A365 email account may have already been provisioned and migrated. If you open the Outlook web app from the waffle icon and see your email, this is the case.

If you are presented an empty Exchange Online webmail interface similar to below, then you should perform the steps for self-migration.

If you are presented with “Error 500: Something went wrong. We couldn’t find a mailbox for this account…” as shown below, then you must request assisted migration.

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