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How to backup Bitlocker Recovery keys

NOTE: These instructions are for Windows 10 systems that already have Bitlocker turned on. To turn on Bitlocker, follow the knowledge base How to turn on Bitlocker.

  1. On the “Type here to search” box, type “Manage Bitlocker” and press enter.

  2. In the Bitlocker Drive Encryption window, you should see the padlock icon on top of the hard drive like the image below.

  3. Click on the Backup your recovery key link.

  4. On the How do you want to backup… window, select the backup method you prefer, you may use all methods to be safe. Saving to your Azure AD account is the recommended selection because it backs up to the cloud enabling you to recover it on any device, anytime, anywhere.

  5. Click finish when completed.

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