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How to complete a DD2875 (SAAR)

  1. Go to the DD2875 form located here. Do NOT fill in the DD2875 in your browser (you will not be able to digitally sign it). Download the DD2875 and open it with Adobe Acrobat Pro. Complete through box 12 and sign box 11 (digital signature with CAC preferred). Box 5 should contain an Enterprise Email address (, NOT a West Point email address (
  2. Save the DD2875 and send it to your supervisor to complete boxes 16 – 20b.
  3. Attach the DD2875 to the Microsoft (MS) Form located here and answer the required questions (this will automatically send the DD2875 to the Cybersecurity Branch, DO NOT email it to them).
  4. After submitting the MS Form with the DD2875 attached, you will be directed to a second MS Form to provide the requestor’s full name and SSN.
    • If you are submitting on behalf of someone who has a account, direct them to the MS Form to provide the data.
    • If you are submitting on behalf of someone who DOES NOT HAVE a account, then they will have to provide you with their SSN to enter into the MS Form. Alternatively, the requestor can call Installation Security and provide it to them over the phone.
      • Installation Security can be reached at 845-938-7118 or 845-938-2971. If you or the requestor do not get an answer, please leave a message on either line to receive a callback.
    • Please ensure that you are safeguarding PII appropriately. More information can be found here
    • This information is required by the Defense Information System for Security (DISS) to validate background investigation and clearance information needed for system access requests. The information submitted to the MS Form is only available to members of the West Point Installation Security Office and is purged regularly.
  5. Cyber signs the DD2875 and sends it to Installation Security for signature.
  6. Installation Security fills out Part III and returns it to the address specified in the first MS Form.
  7. The user should ensure the completed DD2875 gets uploaded into the Army Training & Certification Tracking System (ATCTS).

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