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How to download all files from One Drive using browser

Case Use: When user does not have access to One Drive desktop application. (e.g., graduation, compliance, separation, “browser-only” A1 account, etc.)


  1. Log into One Drive in browser. and log in with your email.
  2. Navigate to your One Drive on the navigation pain. (Cloud Icon)
  3. Click and create a new, easily recognizable folder. (e.g., BACKUP)
  4. Use the selection bubble to the left of the column headings at the top of your file list to select all files.
  5. Unselect the folder you just created.                                                                                                                 
  6. Click on at the top of the Window and select your new folder. (This may take a little time.)
  7. Once complete, all files should be inside the new backup folder and only that folder should be visible on the top level folder.
  8. Select your backup folder using the same method as before.
  9. Select from the top of the window.


Your files will now be downloaded in a single compressed .zip file.


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