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How to Install and Set-Up Microsoft OneDrive (Web)

STEP 1: Type into your web browser. NOTE:
The browser used for this guide is Google Chrome.
STEP 2: Select Download.

STEP 3: Select Click here to download.

Once you select Click here to download you will see a message appear at the bottom left (could be a different location for other browsers, but it should be somewhere at the bottom) click it and then save the OneDrive Setup on your computer.

Once you click save you will see that Microsoft OneDrive is preparing to install.

STEP 4: Once the down load is complete it will say Thank you for downloading.
You may enter your phone number to receive the link that will direct you to the app
store to download the OneDrive application onto you’re your mobile device.

STEP 5: You should see that Microsoft OneDrive is installed on your computer.
Double click it and finish the set up. NOTE: If you do not see that OneDrive has
been installed then a message to finish the set up should pop up, just
continue to STEP 6.

STEP 6: Enter your e-mail address and click Sign in.

STEP 7: Click Change location to change the location of your OneDrive folder. If
you are satisfied with its location click Next.

STEP 8: If you wish to Sync (back up) your folders to OneDrive check the box, if
not click Next.

STEP 9: If you wish to download OneDrive on your mobile device click Get OneDrive for your phone, if not click the fancy E.

NOTE: If you receive an error message after clicking Get OneDrive for your phone, just click the fancy E to proceed. You can still download the OneDrive application from the app store later.

STEP 10: You are all set up with Microso OneDrive

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