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How to register and gain access to MySolidworks Training

  • In order to complete the registration, you will need a serial number that will be provided by CIO/G6 ESB after a ticket is submitted.
  • Go to and click on “submit a ticket” on the top right to the ESB team for access the serial number for the MySolidWorks Training.
  • Go to
  • Click on “Create Account” in the left-hand side of the screen
  • Again “Click” the “Create Account” tab to illustrate you understand and would like to create your account.
  • A Pop-up window will then come up for this:
  • Fill out the blank with your email address and then “Click” on the “I am not a SolidWorks customer, or I do not have a SolidWorks Serial #” button.
  • Complete the input fields for: Company, address, city, country, state and postal code
  • Fill out the profile information in the required fields:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone Number
    • Password
    • Re-type Password
    • Read the Privacy Policy and check the button next to “I have read and agreed to the Privacy Policy.”
    • Click Next                                                                               
  • Type in your new password, leave boxes unchecked for mail or calls in case of password reset
  • Then Click on the Acceptable Use Policy button and Click Next to finish the initial part.
  • Go back to the page and click on the blue “Log in to Register” button at the bottom of the page or go to
  • Use the serial number to complete the registration, after logging on, as seen in the next image.
  • After all the information has been filled out, click Register.
  • The message below will pop-up, indicating you are registered and now able to access the MySolidWorks training courses as seen below.

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