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How to register in ATCTS

You need to have a CAC card in order to register for a ATCTS account.

  1. In your web browser, go to
  2. When prompted, click on CAC Login under the EAMS-A Single Sign On.
  3. Click on Login once you get to the ATCTS homepage. EAMS-A will currently bring in the following attributes. These items are GRAYED out because you cannot change them. See Figure 1. All information in the images are sample (not real) data.
    1. EDIPI
    2. First Name
    3. Middle Initial
    4. Last Name
    5. AKO Email Address
    6. Enterprise Email Address
    7. Duty Phone Number
  4. The user will need to finish selecting the following:
    1. Personnel Type
    2. Personnel Security Standard
    3. Degree Type
    4. Occupational Specialty
    5. Select HQ and SC/FCIO units by clicking on the “Search for unit” option
      • Select the Signal unit as the unit/org to which you are assigned
      • Select the HQ unit as the unit/org one higher level than the Signal Unit
    6. Click “Register” located at the bottom of page. See Figure 1
  5. Once registered make sure the AR 25-2/DoD 8570.01 and DCWF work roles are selected.
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