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How to request a Guest Account

When to request a Guest Account: 

**Please Note**

  • Users with accounts do not need to request a guest account.
  • Guest accounts should be requested by a sponsor with a current account.


Guest accounts only have web access to Teams.

Request a guest account when you need to add a user outside the organization to a Team or SharePoint site for collaboration. Guest accounts are not required for meetings scheduled through teams.

How to Request a Guest Account

Step 1: Try adding the user to the Team. Make sure you type the user’s entire email address to verify if they already have an available guest account.

Step 2: If the user’s email address is not available to add to a Team/SP Site, go to the following link and enter the user’s information*: Forms Submission Link

*If you need to request a large amount of guest accounts you may instead attach this .csv file to the guest template form.

Once the account is created and a user is added to a Team or SharePoint site, the users can follow the how to for their account setup below:

O365 Guest Account Guide

Please allow up to 72 hours for your request to be processed.

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