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How to request a Microsoft Office 365 account 

Users need to request an O365 account through their Department Computer Officer (DCO).  The following three steps need to be completed and reported to your DCO within two (2) weeks of account creation or your account will be automatically disabled.
  1. DOD Cyber Awareness training : Cyber Awareness Training Link
    • Training taken here should auto populate the DOD AUP and training certificate in ATCTS, however this should be confirmed by the DCO.
  2. Read AUP, Addendum, PAA, and NDA
    • There is a USMA Specific AUP for O365 accounts and a DOD AUP for NIPR accounts. Only the DOD AUP is uploaded into ATCTS. Users will be prompted to accept the USMA policies when setting up their office applications.  User should be aware that their online behavior on the West Point Network is governed by these terms and conditions at all times.
  3. DD2875
    • A separate 2875 is not needed for an O365 account. The one processed for the user’s NIPR account (NIPR instructions found here) will meet the requirement to have West Point Cyber and Installation Security approve the user’s access. Ensure the completed 2875 is uploaded into ATCTS.  
If these steps are not completed and documents uploaded within two weeks of account creation, your account will be automatically disabled.
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