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How to request a NIPR account for CITRIX access 

  1. Complete through box 12, sign box 11 using the dd2875 CONUS NAE UPDATE template. Ensure users are using Enterprise Email in box 5​.
  2. *NEW* Add your CAC EDIPI, CAC Expiration, Date of Birth, and a “Return to:” address in box 27.  Please enter the email address that the SAAR should be returned to in that field.
  3. Once those sections are complete, send to your supervisor to complete boxes 17 – 20b.
  4. *NEW* Attach the 2875 to the Microsoft Form located here (this will automatically send it to the Cybersecurity Branch, so you do not have to email it to them).
  5. *NEW* Cyber will sign and send the form to Installation Security for signature. 
  6. *NEW* Installation Security fills out Part III, removes the PII from block 27, and sends it back to the “Return to:” address in block 27.
  7. Upload completed DD2875, AUP and DOD Cyber awareness training certificate ( to the user’s ATCTS profile.
  8. Submit remedy ticket to Ft Drum NEC requesting the creation of a NAE NIPR account for the purpose of using CITRIX. Request the account be placed in the following security group: Point/USMA/Groups/West Point ALTESS Access 

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