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How to request a NIPR account

  1. Verify your Army IT User Agreement (Army IT UA) and Cyber Awareness training are current in ATCTS (within one year). If not, the training and AUP can be accessed at If you do not have an ATCTS account, contact your IT support personnel.
  2. Verify a completed DD2875 has been uploaded to your ATCTS profile (all necessary information and signatures through Part III). Instructions on completing a DD2875 can be found here
  3. Request the creation of a NAE NIPR account.  Requests can be made using either of the following methods:
    1. Navigate to the Army Enterprise Service Desk and make the request using the information above. The “Chat Support” feature seems to yield the best results.
    2. Submit a Remedy ticket with the information above. You or your IT support personnel will need a Remedy account to do this.
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