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How to update your profile in MilConnect/ID Card Online

If you are unable to connect to after being told that your A365 account has been provisioned, the provisioning may have failed due to inaccurate information in the Defense Manpower Data Center database. You should go to ID Card Office Online (ID Card Office Online ( and ensure the data in your profile is correct by clicking on “continue” on the “My Profile” module:

Log into ID Card Office online using your DS Logon credentials or CAC card:

Navigate to the “MIL” or “CIV” tab and ensure the information is correct. Ensure your Duty Organization is “United States Army”, your Duty Sub Organization is “United States Military Academy”, and your Duty Install Location is “United States Military Academy, West Point, NY”.

**Please note** your office Symbol is also required. This is unique to your department; ensure you enter the one designated for your organization. If you are unsure what your office symbol is you can find it here.


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