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How to verify and update Microsoft 365 Apps version

*Note: This only applies to Windows 10 machines


Effective March 9, 2021 Microsoft 365 Apps client running version 1908 of the Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel will no longer be supported. Your Microsoft 365 Apps need to be version 2008 or later (2011, 2012, 2101)  Follow the steps below to verify your current version and update if needed.


How to check your Microsoft 365 App version

  • Open Microsoft Word App (From Start Menu or from the search bar)
  • Click Account from the Menu of the left
  • Check version of 365 Apps under About Word (version should be 2101)

How to update your Microsoft 365 Apps

  • If the version is not 2101, Click Office Updates
  • Click Update Now, from drop-down menu   
  • You will see Downloading Office updates window that will allow you use the App while it downloads and installs the update               
  • You will be prompted to close the App while the update installs (be aware there may be a slight delay re-opening the App while the update installs)
  • Once complete you will receive the update complete window


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