Initial Staff & Faculty Laptop Configuration

  1. The person who will be using the computer will need to sign onto the device
    • Upon boot up
    • Ensure United States region is highlighted, Click Yes
    • Ensure US is selected for keyboard layout, Click Yes
    • Click Skip for second keyboard layout
    • Connect to WREN Wi-Fi using WestPoint email and password
  2. At the Welcome to West Point screen enter your credentials to login
    • Username: email address
    • Password: enter your 365 password
  3. After a few minutes of setting up the device you will be prompted to setup a Windows Hello PIN
    • Click OK
    • Enter a PIN of your choosing (must be 6 or more digits) and select OK
    • You’re now set to logon with your PIN, select OK
      • (Keep in mind, this will be how you log on to your system moving forward)
      • Company portal, ActivClient and InstallRoot will automatically install. Please be patient and allow it some time to download/install.
  4. Update your computer
    1. Click the Start Menu, Click the Settings icon (gear)
    2. Click Update & Security
    3. Click Check for Updates and Restart when required (you might need to perform this several times to install all updates)


Company Portal will allow you to:

  • View if you’re device is compliant
  • View and install available Apps
    • Click on the App icon you’d like to install and Click “Install”. The app will now download and install.
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