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Supported products

– Mathematica –

– Mathematica Online –

– Wolfram|Alpha Pro –



– Faculty, staff, and students are eligible to use products on campus or personal machines

– Agreement supports use of products in instruction and academic research

– Licensing is renewed annually and is available only to active students, faculty, and staff



– Enter your email at the following URL:

– Click each corresponding link to request products; use campus credentials when prompted

– Fill out form’s multiple times for installations on multiple machines (one key per machine)

– Optionally, “Wolfram Cloud” app is available for mobile (iOS and Android)

– Licensing information can be found at

Additional FAQ’s for troubleshooting, if necessary

– How do I activate Wolfram products using SSO?

– How do I troubleshoot SSO login or access issues?

– How do I contact Wolfram with questions?


Tips for using products

  1. Go to and login. You now have access to Wolfram Alpha Pro step-by-step solutions and other Alpha Pro features.
  2. Go to and login. You can now see any files that were “Save to Cloud” from a local installation of Mathematica. Mathematica Online is also a nice pairing to a local installation of Mathematica to share notebooks and finished projects. A “Published” notebook can be viewed by anyone, even people that don’t have Mathematica.
  3. Mathematica local installation will likely be most commonly used for course work and projects. You can watch this short video to learn the basics of how to create calculations and Wolfram Notebooks:
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