Message to Cadets about Remote Computer Support

During this period of remote instruction you will continue to have access to 24/7 IT support. You have the option to chat or email our remote helpdesk via or call 877326-8762. If the remote technician is unable to resolve your issue a ticket will be created and submitted to our local helpdesk at Goldcoats and a member of our staff will be reaching out to you via phone or teams. Teams will allow our technicians the ability to hold a private session with you in which they can assist you as if you were at our office in person.

If you are experiencing hardware issues while away from USMA you can submit a request for a DELL technician to come to you to resolve your issue. You can call 1-866-516-3115 or use the Dell technical support site once you enter your service tag number you will be given the option to call, chat or email for assistance with your problem.

For any cadets that have remained on post, in order to follow the recommended directive of social distancing, Goldcoats will be limiting in person assistance. Only hardware related issues will be handled in our office and by scheduled appointment only. To be seen send an email request to and you will be contacted to schedule a day and time to pick up/drop off your computer. All other issues will be handled remotely as indicated above.

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