Migration from DS3 to WREN and DS3 Shutdown

Migration from DS3 to WREN and DS3 Shutdown

During the next several weeks, CIO/G-6 will be sunsetting the legacy DS3 network and migrating devices to the WREN.

Current Network Status

WREN is available in all buildings and provides connectivity to most wired devices. Some devices have not yet migrated to the WREN. This phase of implementation plan will begin during the week of 14-18 JUN 21 and be completed before the start of classes on AY 2022 in all academic building areas.

Process for testing and validation

CIO/G-6 is reaching out to known stakeholders with devices supported by the DS3 and is working to migrate devices to WREN before the migration happens. If you believe you have devices supported by the legacy DS3 network please contact or open a help ticket at, email us at, or call our 24×7 helpdesk at 1-877-326-8762.


Schedule for Migration

14-18 JUN: Admissions

21-25 JUN: Lincoln Hall

28 JUN-2 JUL: Washington Hall

6-9 JUL: Mahan Hall

13-17 JUL: Jefferson Hall

20-24 JUL: Bartlett Hall

27-31 JUL: Thayer Hall

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