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Reimaged Cadet Laptop Configuration


Plug in the laptop to the AC adapter and power on the system. Connect to ethernet if available, otherwise, connect to a wireless network at the beginning of this process

Please ensure you are adhering to these specific instructions; deviating will lead to an incorrect configuration.

  1. Continue in the selected language? (English United States)
  2. Let’s start with region. Is this right? (United States)
  3. Want to add a second keyboard layout? (Skip)
  4. Windows 10 License Agreement (Accept)
  5. How would you like to set up?
    • Select Set up for an organization
  6. The person who will be using the computer will need to sign onto the device.At the Welcome to West Point  OR  Sign in with Microsoft screen enter your credentials to login
      • Username: email address
      • Password: enter your 365 password
      • You will be prompted to use your Multi-Factor Authentication
  7. Choose privacy settings for your device (Disable options you would like ex: disable tailored experiences, diagnostic data, advertising ID, etc) Accept
  8. After a few minutes of setting up the device you will be prompted to setup a Windows Hello (Set up, use your face, or skip if you want to continue setting up a pin)
      • Click OK
      • Enter a PIN of your choosing (must be 6 or more digits) and select OK
      • You’re now set to logon with your PIN, select OK
        • (Keep in mind, this will be how you log on to your system moving forward)
        • Company Portal, ActivClient and InstallRoot will automatically install. Please be patient and allow it sometime to download/install.
  9. Update your computer through windows update
    • Click the Start Menu, Click the Settings icon (gear)
    • Click Update & Security
    • Click Check for Updates and Restart when required (you might need to perform this several times to install all updates) 


Company Portal will allow you to:

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