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Scan to Email WREN

These instructions will allow you to Scan only to a @westpoint.edu email address from a printer that has been migrated to the WREN until a new Enterprise printing\scanning solution has been implemented on the WREN.

  1. CAC login will NOT work on WREN printers
  2. You do NOT need to log in to make a COPY
  3. On the CONTROL PANEL press either the EMAIL icon or the LOG IN/OUT button
    • Enter your USERNAME, (i.e. firstname.lastname) then press NEXT.
      * NOTE* There is 1 exception – If your firstname.lastname is more than 20 characters (counting the “.”) you only type the first 20 characters.
    • Enter your password then press DONE

        4. Choose the recipient(s)

    • To email yourself press the ADD ME… icon
    • To search the westpoint.edu address book press the NETWORK ADDRESS BOOK… icon
    • To manually add a westpoint.edu email address press the ENTER RECIPIENT… icon
    • If you chose NETWORK ADDRESS BOOK…, you can type either a first name or last name then press the SEARCH button. Then SELECT the recipient you want from the results. You will have to option to select TO, CC, BCC or DETAILS. You can add another recipient by pressing the SEARCH button again. After the recipient(s) are selected, press OK
    • You can then choose any of the email options if you want other than the defaults. When ready to scan and send, press the large circle START button. Once the scan has been sent you can press the LOG IN\OUT button to log out immediately or it will automatically log you out after 60 seconds.
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