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Set Your Speakers as Your PC Playback Device for Teams

**Note: These settings can only be modified when not on an active call

If you want incoming calls to ring on your speakers, not on your headphones, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Teams Settings, select Devices, and set your speakers as the secondary ringer.
  2. Then go to your Windows system tray, left-click on your Sound icon and toggle your playback device back to PC speakers after connecting your headphones.

In this manner, both the speakers and headphones should be ready to receive audio output from Teams. But Teams will direct audio to the device you selected under Device settings.


Adjust Notification Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings in Teams, and select Notifications.
  2. Then enable Play sound for notifications.
  3. Go to Teams and channels and select Custom.
  4. Tweak the notification level and select Banner and feed everywhere
  5. There are three notification options available:
    • Banner and feed (there will be an audible notification tone).
    • Only show in feed (there’s no notification tone).
    • Off  (there are no notifications at all, but the activity will still be visible in your Teams chats and channels as per normal).
  6. Then navigate to Settings, select Devices, click on Secondary ringer and select the audio device you want to use as your secondary ringer.

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