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Staff and Faculty Out Processing Guide


This guide is not meant to replace any requirements from CPAC or HHC. This is meant to help individuals and their departments ensure all data and permissions are transferred to avoid data loss. It will also advise users on how to transition accounts to their new duty station. 

Start by informing your department’s User Manager of your departure date. If you are unsure who your User Manager is a list can be found here

A printable Out-Processing Guide Checklist pdf can be found here

West Point Microsoft 365  

Don’t lose your personal data!

Organizational data

Transfer ownership

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  • Power Automate | Guide 
  • Microsoft 365 groups 
    • How to transfer group ownership Guide 


Request that your department user manager update the supervisor field in my.westpoint.edu for all those you currently supervise.


Return your government-issued devices (laptops, phones, accessories) to your department.

Unenroll your mobile device from Westpoint.edu Intune Company Portal.


WestPoint Account

Request that your user manager update your departure date in My.WestPoint (my.westpoint.edu)

**Please Note** you cannot forward your westpoint.edu email to a personal or A365 account. We recommend using an automatic reply message prior to your departure letting others know your email will be changing.


Submit a ticket to the Software Engineering Queue to have your AMS or CIS account deleted.

Elevated Access

Submit a ticket to the User Support Queue to have your elevated (SA) accounts disabled.


If you are leaving West Point for another DoD duty station, please update your Milconnect and ID Card information to the new duty station.


If you are leaving West Point for another Army duty station, please update your ATCTS – (including CIVILIANS and CONTRACTORS with CAC).


Submit a ticket through Army Enterprise Service Desk (AESD) to request a deletion of your NIPR account.


Submit a ticket to the Enterprise Server Support Queue to transfer your Army 365 account your new duty station.

DoD Alert

For military members who subscribe to DoD Alerts, update settings in alert.csd.disa.mil to reflect appropriate location(s).

Accountability App

Notify your accountability officer of your departure date.

Building access

Submit a request for removal of your CAC building access from Velocity through your Department’s Velocity point of contact.


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