Transfer Ownership of Power BI Solutions

For assistance with transferring ownership of Power BI datasets, reports, dashboards, scorecards, workspaces, please submit a ticket and request that it be placed in the Planet Technologies queue. If you would like to attempt transferring ownership on your own, use the principles outlined.

Take inventory

Review Data hub > My data for datasets you own. For organizational datasets, identify an existing workspace or create a new workspace. Any datasets listed as “My Workspace” under the Workspace column merit consideration.

“View lineage” to see all related reports. Any reports not included in the .pbix file (reports in other workspaces that use the same dataset) will need to be updated once a dataset is deleted from the existing workspace and added to an organizational workspace.

Data source credentials for datasets you own in workspaces other than “My workspace” need to be “taken over” or updated to a service account.

Copy datasets and reports to workspaces

To add a distinct copy of an existing dataset to a workspace, download the .pbix file, navigate to the appropriate workspace and upload (File > Upload).

Best Practice Diagram


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