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USMA Accountability App Integration with MS Teams

USMA Accountability Apps and MS Teams

  • There are two USMA Power Apps for reporting accountability: “USMA Accountability,” which benefits from devices with larger screens and allows admin users with the correct role to report accountability on behalf of others, and “USMA Mobile Self-Report Accountability,” which is designed for use on mobile devices, but only allows you to report your own accountability.
  • Whichever app you use, either or both can be added as a tab in MS Teams for easy access! Here are the instructions:
    • On the device (phone or PC) with the MS Teams app to which you want to add an accountability tab, navigate to and log in with your credentials, if required.
    • Select “Apps” on the left-side menu.
    • Identify the app you want to add as a tab (USMA Mobile Self-Report Accountability or USMA Accountability).
    • Click the ellipsis (…)–you might have to scroll right to find it if you’re on a mobile device—and select “Add to Teams
    • Select the “Add to Teams” button again.                                                                       
    • Select “Add” in Teams when it opens. 
    • Repeat, as desired, for the other app or on a different device with MS Teams installed.
  • You can find the new tab(s) you added in MS Teams next to the other tabs (like Chat, Teams, Assignments, Calendar, etc.). If you don’t see it, you might need to select the “…” to see more tabs. You can rearrange your tabs to keep your most frequently used tabs visible all the time.                           

For additional information/guides may be found in Evolve at Accountability App (

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