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USMA – User Creation of a New Team in Microsoft Teams

User Creation of a New Team in Microsoft Teams

Current policies in effect prevent general users from creating a new Team in Microsoft Teams.

User should coordinate with their Department Computer Officer (DCO) or Company ISO to have a Team created, once their request is validated.

The following information is required when requesting a new Team

  • What is the name of the Team? (It will begin with “MATH” i.e, “MATH MA100”.  *You will need to provide a justification if you do not want the name to begin with “Dept” and an exception to policy will need to be approved.)
  • Will this need to be a Public or Private team?
  • Are you the only Owner? We always recommend 2 Owners
  • Is this a Classroom team or regular team?


Private teams can only be joined if the team owner adds someone to them. When creating a team, choose to make the team discoverable so that people can search for it in the teams gallery, or turn discoverability off so that people can only find the team if shared by you or a team member.

Public teams are visible to everyone from the teams gallery and you can join them without getting approval from the team owner.

Class teams have unique permissions and features for teachers and students. As owners of the team, teachers assign work, share class content, start meetings, and control who can post in the team. Each class team is also linked to its own OneNote Class Notebook

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