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When to use DoD Enterprise email vs

Until further notice, use for:
* For routine administrative and business operations involving USMA.
* Per HQDA and other directives, and assessments at USMA CIO/G6, the new government email is appropriate for official administrative and business operations,
including appropriately encrypted Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) (e.g., PII, For Official Use Only, FERPA, PHI).
The email system automatically encrypts emails between recipients in transit and at rest.

If you are sending information about command and control of military forces (e.g., interactions with the 82d Airborne Division or FORSCOM), use Army 365 Enterprise Email.

* This separation of functionality between business systems and national security systems (NSS) is defined in NIST SP 800-18 Rev 1 and numerous DoD instructions, directives, and policies.
* Separating routine and business operations from C2 of military forces is akin to keeping classified email on classified systems.
* C2 of military forces email should remain on Enterprise Email, most likely encrypted, and accessible via Outlook 365 at

There is no change to the Army’s existing policies on spillage of classified information onto unclassified systems. Do NOT send classified information of any variety via unclassified email systems.

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