Wired Configuration Guide for Windows 11

1. Open the “Services” application by clicking on the Window start menu on the bottom left of your screen.

  • Type “Services” and select the “Services Desktop App” with the Gear icon next to it.

2. When you are prompted with “Do you want to allow this application to make changes?”

  • Select “Yes”

3. Scroll down to “Wired Auto Config”

4. Right click on the “Wired AutoConfig” service and select “Properties.”

5. Change “Startup Type” to “Automatic” and “Start” the service. 

6. Click “OK” to close the Properties Pop-up.

7. Close the Services Application.

8. Open your “Control Panel” application from the Windows start menu.

9. Select “Network & Internet”

10. Select “Network and Sharing Center”

11. Select “Change adapter settings” from the menu on the left

  • A screen, like the one below, with your network adapters will open .
  • Select the Ethernet adapter that is connected (it may say “unidentified network” until you successfully sign in)

12. Right click on the connected adapter and Select “Properties” from the menu.

13. Select “Yes” to allow changes to your computer.

14. Select the “Authentication” tab of the properties pop-up.

15. Check the box to “Enable IEEE 802.1X authentication” (shown above).

16. Select PEAP as the authentication method (shown above).

17. Click “Additional Settings.”

18. Click the box for “Specify authentication mode” (shown below).

19. Select “User authentication” from the drop down menu (shown below).

20. Click the “Save Credentials” button. 

21. You will be prompted to enter a username and password.

  • Enter your O365 Email and Password

22. Click “OK” through all the pop-up windows you have open.

23. You will be connected to the WREN wired network.

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