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WREN and PC User Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Connect to the Network on your PC

Wired WREN Networking

WREN Wireless Networking

Compliance and Network Conditional Access Policy

Compliance Requirements

How to check if your computer meets compliance

How to manually install Company Portal (If it didn’t automatically install)

Enable Bitlocker

Backup Bitlocker key

Recover Bitlocker key

Office 365 and additional programs

Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

We recommend using Microsoft Outlook to access your Email rather than the Windows Mail app for access to all features

OneDrive Cloud Storage

Microsoft Visio Pro, Access, Project

VPN (Remote access to WREN from external networks)

Additional Available Software

Use the Additional Available Software link to download Adobe Acrobat Pro, Lockdown Browser, and additional common software needed for classes. Any additional course software and support should be acquired from the course.


How to Connect to a printer

How to Scan to Email

How to print at the Library

Mobile Phone

Connect Android to WREN Wireless

Connect iPhone to WREN Wireless

iPhone Wifi MAC Address randomization (issue)

Tier 1 Helpdesk 24/7 support


Phone: (877) 326-8762


Cadet Only Links Below

Dell Warranty

All cadet laptops purchased during plebe year comes with a 4-year warranty that includes Dell’s Pro support plan and accidental damage service.

Check my warranty status

Dell ProSupport Details

Dell Accidental Damage Service Details

Follow this link for hours, appointments, and contact information

Client Training and Support Branch (Goldcoats)



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