WREN Image Instructions

During this process it is important to read all the information presented in the pop-up windows and this guide to avoid any issues in configuring your computer.

  • Right Click > Run as administrator – on Start.cmd on USB Drive
  • Once it completes, restart the computer to begin the reimage process

After it restarts it will come up with a blue screen with white window with two options

  • Install Windows 10 (Wipe all data)
  • Install Windows 10 (Attempt User Profile File Backup)
  • We recommend option A) for a clean and quicker install.
  • Type A
  • Hit enter
  • It will then reimage your computer.

Once it restarts and enters the Out of Box Experience, it will ask you to start with region

  • Select YES
  • It will then ask if US is the right keyboard layout
  • Select YES
  • It will ask if you want to select a second keyboard layout
  • Skip for now unless you want to add one
  • It will then ask to connect to a network
  • Select WREN_Cadets and sign in with your O365 account
  • Click next after it connects to the WREN Wireless
  • It will then display “Now we have some important setup to do
  • Once it finishes it will display the Windows 10 License Agreement
  • Select Accept
  • It will display “How would you like to set up?
  • Select Set up for personal user.
  • You will be prompted to “Sign in with Microsoft
  • Click Offline Account on the bottom left
  • When prompted to “Sign in to enjoy the full range of Microsoft apps and services”
  • Click Limited experience
  • When asked “Who’s going to use this PC?
  • Enter a local username (firstname)s
  • Create a super memorable password
  • Enter a password
  • Confirm password
  • Create security questions
  • When prompted “Do more across devices with activity history
  • Learn more, decide whether you want to or not, then click Yes or No
  • When prompted “Get help from your digital assistant
  • Learn more, decide whether you want to or not, then click Accept or Decline
  • Choose privacy settings for your device
  • Choose your privacy settings and click Accept.

Once the setup is complete, you will be dropped into your brand new fresh out of the box desktop.

You will want to sign in to with your O365 account and download and install your Office 365 apps, install any additional apps or programs you need, and go to to verify access.

You may be prompted with a security certificate warning, click details and proceed.

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