User Accounts

User Account (O365/Guest/NIPR accounts) Information and Forms

There are a number of different accounts that a user might need to have in order to complete Academy or Department of Defense Business.  The process to request and necessary forms for each account are listed below.

All users are required to upload some of these forms to the Army Training and Certification Tracking System (ATCTS).  The required documents for each type of user is as follows:

Cadets: Must upload the Privilege Access Agreement (PAA), USMA Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and Appointment Orders to their ATCTS profile.
Staff, Teaching, and Research Faculty: Must upload their PAA, USMA NDA, Appointment Orders, and DD2875 to their ATCTS profile.
IT Staff and DCOs: To request a user account with elevated privileges an IT professional will need to complete the documents listed below and upload the documents to their ATCTS profile.
Interns: Must upload their PAA, USMA NDA, Appointment Orders, and DD2875 to their ATCTS profile.

Guest User Account

When to request a Guest Account:
Request a guest account when you need to add a user outside the organization to a Team or SharePoint site for collaboration. Guest accounts are not required for meetings scheduled through teams.

Guest accounts cannot be created if the guest’s email is in another government cloud. Please check with your guest prior to submission.

How to Request a Guest Account

Step 1: Try adding the user to the Team. Make sure you type the user’s entire email address to verify if they already have an available guest account.

Step 2: If the user’s email address is not available to add to a Team/SP Site, go to the following link and enter the user’s information*: Forms Submission Link


*If you need to request a large amount of guest accounts you may instead attach this .csv file to the guest template form.


Users will be required to set up MFA using the authenticator app:

Once the account is created and a user is added to a Team or SharePoint site, the users can follow the how to for their account setup below:

Office 365 Account

Microsoft Office 365 Accounts are the primary account used by Academy personnel and are used to license O365 applications and Microsoft software.  Please follow directions in the link below to request your O365 account.

Academy Management System (AMS) Guest Account

If you have an O365 account you can self-register for access to Academy Management System

If you do not have an address you can use your Enterprise Email address to register for access to AMS using

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